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7 yrs

11 lbs

Jose was surrendered by his owner because she has serious health problems. He seems to be very friendly and warms up well. He loves to be with his sister (Margareta). Gets along well with the other dogs and is good with kids. He likes to ride in the car and likes to go on walks
Chihuahua Rescue Midwest has listed these animals as a courtesy to a third party. Chihuahua Rescue Midwest has not met or evaluated this/these animals and cannot and will not make any representations or warranties about the animal or placement of the animal. The posting of this animal should not be construed as a dog with Chihuahua Rescue Midwest.
Gus is going to need someone who can spend a lot of time with him. He has spent his entire life in a Puppy Mill and is scared of people. He likes to watch you and see where you are but does not like for you to look at him. Her has no idea of what a dog should do. He has to learn to trust which is going to take some time.  


5 lbs.

8 yrs.


Chico is a lovable sweet boy who is learning to love the good life. He is shy at first because he was a breeder and didn't have much contact with humans. He loves people now and follows me everywhere! He is a bit hand shy though and we are working on that. He loves other dogs and is fine around cats. He never barks and is doing fine with his housebreaking habits. He would love a quiet home with other dogs to hang out with. Small kids make him nervous, but older calmer kids would be fine.  



4 years


6 lbs. 
Everyone meet TJ. He just came into rescue as a stray. He is 3 years old and 6 lbs. of pure blooded Chihuahua. TJ would NOT do well in a house with small kids or men. He is very afraid of men. He is great with the other dogs and cats. Please help him find a forever home. 




3 yrs.

6 lbs.
​Meet Kitty our new rescue girl. She is a little over weight but quickly adapts to change. Owner said she is not really good with young kids but is fine with other dogs. So far she follows me from room to room and likes to be in my lap. Please help Kitty find her forever home. 



4 yrs

12 lbs.
Ranger is 1.5 years old and only 7.5 lbs. He is a purebred chihuahua. He's a very shy/timid little guy but very sweet once he trusts you. He takes a little while to warm up to new dogs but will eventually get along. He is currently living with several big and small dogs and cats and doing just fine with everyone after a slow introduction period. He prefers women to men and was deathly afraid of a tall man in a previous foster home, even after several weeks. He would probably prefer a quieter adult household. Children in the home should be 10 years or older and dog savvy. Ranger walks well on a leash but is still working on potty training. He is a very sweet and loyal little guy who needs someone new to love him.

If you are interested in adopting this pet, please visit our website at and click on "Adopting a Pet" on the left side. You will be asked to complete a few forms. By filling out these forms, you are not committing yourselves to the pet you're interested in, it's a screening process that must be completed before you meet the dog. Please do this BEFORE calling. Our voicemail is only checked periodically, you can reach us much faster through our website. Thank you!


6 lbs.

4 yrs. 

Baby id the sweetest little lap dog. She tested HW positive, has UTI infection and currently is not fixed. We will be starting HW treatments very soon. She gets along with other dogs and loves to be on your lap.