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Slow to warm up Taco likes his initial space. Taco enjoys the company of other dogs and is fine with cats. Taco would like to find a home with no children. Not sure what is expected of him, he needs a home with structure. Taco has the want for attention and is hoping to find that home willing to give it.

2 yrs


6 lbs.





7 yrs

11 lbs

Jose was surrendered by his owner because she has serious health problems. He seems to be very friendly and warms up well. He loves to be with his sister (Margareta). Gets along well with the other dogs and is good with kids. He likes to ride in the car and likes to go on walks
Scout is very slow about warming up. He gets along well with other dogs and after his initial warm up (1 week at least) he is a very loving little man. He likes to be in your lap and has good manners. Would not be good with kids. Sleeps in his kennel and runs to it when he is not comfortable. 



Short Hair

8 lbs.

4 yrs. 
Chihuahua Rescue Midwest has listed these animals as a courtesy to a third party. Chihuahua Rescue Midwest has not met or evaluated this/these animals and cannot and will not make any representations or warranties about the animal or placement of the animal. The posting of this animal should not be construed as a dog with Chihuahua Rescue Midwest.
Gus is going to need someone who can spend a lot of time with him. He has spent his entire life in a Puppy Mill and is scared of people. He likes to watch you and see where you are but does not like for you to look at him. Her has no idea of what a dog should do. He has to learn to trust which is going to take some time.  


5 lbs.

8 yrs.


Cody is a very happy and energetic little guy. He loves his humans and gets along well with the other dogs. He still has a lot of puppy in him and will some work on his manners. 

2 yrs.



9 lbs
Jager pronounced (yager) is a sweet 5 year old boy who loves everyone! He just had all of his vaccinations and dental so he is ready for his forever home. He is about 5 lbs and is good with his potty habits. He is very quiet and calm and just loves to be with people and other dogs. He would do best in a home with older kids (12 and up). His owner had to get another job and wouldn't be home for him so won't you take him into your heart and home? He is just a doll!



5 yrs

5 lbs.

Chico is a lovable sweet boy who is learning to love the good life. He is shy at first because he was a breeder and didn't have much contact with humans. He loves people now and follows me everywhere! He is a bit hand shy though and we are working on that. He loves other dogs and is fine around cats. He never barks and is doing fine with his housebreaking habits. He would love a quiet home with other dogs to hang out with. Small kids make him nervous, but older calmer kids would be fine.  



4 years


6 lbs. 
Everyone meet TJ. He just came into rescue as a stray. He is 3 years old and 6 lbs. of pure blooded Chihuahua. TJ would NOT do well in a house with small kids or men. He is very afraid of men. He is great with the other dogs and cats. Please help him find a forever home. 




3 yrs.

6 lbs.
​Meet Kitty our new rescue girl. She is a little over weight but quickly adapts to change. Owner said she is not really good with young kids but is fine with other dogs. So far she follows me from room to room and likes to be in my lap. Please help Kitty find her forever home. 



4 yrs

12 lbs.
Hi my name is Dino. I am about 4 years old. I get along with all the other dogs in my foster home and I like to play and be close to my humans. Please can you give me a forever home.  



6 1/2 lbs. 

Medium Hair

4 years
Max is a senior that was found wandering the streets of St Louis County. He is extremely affectionate with his humans. Wants to be in your lap all the time. Cries when he cannot see you. Loves to snuggle and sleeps all night in bed with his foster mom. He is fine with the other dogs. Max needs to find a home to live out his senior years in. 




5 lbs. 
Willie is the most loving, sweet, laid back boy ever! Willie just loves a blanket or a lap to lay in and he is set. Willie loves everyone he meets. I am a teacher and I take him to school with me sometimes. He lays in the kids' laps while they read to him. Willie is currently taking some meds to help with arthritis type issues but gets around just fine. Willie would be great as an only dog but tolerates other dogs and cats just fine. He is one of the tiniest Chi's I have ever seen weighing in at 3 lbs. 





4 lbs. 
Due to post-adoption services provided, it is Pet Haven's policy to only place dogs into homes within a 60-mile radius of the Twin Cities area.

To submit an application please go to:

My Story: I came all the way from an Arizona shelter to live in the green Minnesota climate thanks to the good people at Pet Haven. I arrived in Minnesota with two other rescue dogs from Arizona on 8/2/14.
Hobbies: I love playing with toys, going for walks, and playing with my dog foster brother.
Commands/tricks: I come when you call my name and I'm working on basic commands.
Crate/potty trained: I am potty trained and will let you know when I have to go out by going to the door, sometimes I can be subtle about letting you know I have to go! I stay in a crate when my foster family is gone during the day (regular 8 hour workday timeframe) and I am fine and quiet all day as long as I have a nice soft blanket to lay on!
Activity level: Medium. I'm still an active puppy who loves to play, but I also love to curl up on a blanket on the couch and relax. I love to go for walks and do very well on a leash.
Fun things I do/quirks: When I get happy or excited I dance around on my back legs, especially when I see my harness and leash come out! When I am out for a walk, I am a happy, confident woman!
Who I currently live with: I live with my foster mom and dad, 2 dog-savvy adult cats (who I have managed to snuggle with) and their young male small breed dog. Before this foster home, I lived in another Pet Haven foster home with two adults and their large breed dog. I never connected with their resident dog and had a hard time connecting with the people in the home; the Pet Haven people think the two are connected (small dogs who I can bond with help me bond with people in the home quicker), which is why I went to the new foster home. While I was in Arizona I lived in a home where the resident cats cornered and bullied me and even then I did not bite! I am always a kind and gentle lady.
My ideal family: I am very shy - it takes me awhile to warm up to people and feel comfortable. I need a family who is very patient and will let me warm up to people and situations in my own time. I am especially nervous around men. Older kids who will let me have my space when I need it would be ideal. When I am hanging around with another small dog, I have more confidence so another dog friend to live with would be ideal! If my family is willing to take me to a shy dog socialization class to build my confidence that would be great!
Oh - also - I have allergies and we're trying to figure out if they are seasonal or year round. They're not a big deal, but my new family should be willing to work with my veterinarian to keep me comfortable, which may mean suppliments to my food (this stuff called fish oil), frequent baths with special shampoo, or a special diet. Pet Haven is working right now to figure out which of the above apply. ;)
Bonnie will be attending Pet Haven's adoption events. Her adoption fee is $320 (cash or check only) and includes spay/neuter, heartworm check, current vaccinations, and microchip and registration.


2 yrs.

Good with dogs

Good with cats

6 lbs
​To submit an application please go to:

Due to post-adoption services provided, it is Pet Haven's policy to only place dogs into homes within a 60-mile radius of the Twin Cities area.

My Story: Travis was brought to a high-kill shelter in Arizona after being found as a stray, where he sat for weeks and weeks. Before his time was up a Pet Haven volunteer who lives near the shelter took him into her home and brought him up to Pet Haven after several weeks. Travis is now in a foster home where he is getting lots of love, attention, and structure so he can gain confidence and be the best dog he can be!
Hobbies: Travis loves to play with his foster brother! He is still figuring out toys, but he certainly knows how to play a good game of 'chase' and 'wrestlemania'!!
Commands/Tricks: Travis is working on 'sit' but prior to coming to Pet Haven he was not given any obedience training. He does walk very well on a leash and is very sensitive to reprimand - he is here to please! This should make training much easier.
Crate / Potty Trained: Travis is fully potty trained! He does go in the crate but whines when he is in there.
Activity Level: Travis is a medium energy guy. He is shy at first but once he warms up he loves to tear it up around the yard or home with another playful dog!
Socialization/who I currently live with: Travis is currently being fostered in a home with an adult and small dog. Travis used to live with a cat, and was not a fan - initially he was aggressive - but he is learned to keep distance with guidance from his foster. He should only be placed in a home with dog-savvy cats, if there are any cats in the home at all. He did also meet two puppies and did great with them, and he met a dominant male large breed Australian Shepherd who he was very confrontational with. Travis would prefer small dog companions as housemates. With that said, when he received correction to his advances towards the large dog (who did not react), he responded well, so he could be taught to be around other large breed dogs to be well behaved, with a strong leader guiding his behavior and/or some socialization.
My Ideal Family: Travis would do well in just about any household dynamics. He really just wants to be around his humans, whether they are little kids or adults! He tends to bond more quickly with women, but learns to love everyone he meets, with a little time! If he goes to a home with a resident cat or large breed dog, he will need a strong leader to help guide 'correct' behaviors.
Travis will be attending Pet Haven's adoption events. His adoption fee is $320 (cash or check only) and includes spay/neuter, heartworm check, current vaccinations, and microchip and registration.


2 yrs.

Good with Dogs

Good with Cats

Great with Kids

12 lbs. 
This is Al. He was rescued last spring. He came up on the back deck as a stray very scared and hungry. My granddaughter started feeding and working with him and he is, now, a very loving kitty. My daughter lives on a busy highway and she worried all summer that he would venture into the front yard and get on the highway. She dealt with it till the weather changed. Between the cold and the fear of the highway she brought him inside. This posed as big a problem because their cat hates all other cats. Al loves kids and is fine with dogs and other cats. Al is a year old and very fluffy with a beautiful coat.



1 yr.