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Dogs available for adoption:

Chihuahua Rescue Midwest has listed the animals above as a courtesy to a third party. Chihuahua Rescue Midwest has not met or evaluated this/these animals and cannot and will not make any representations or warranties about the animal or placement of the animal. The posting of this animal should not be construed as a dog with Chihuahua Rescue Midwest.
TJ is a wild little man. He has an attitude and will tell you if he doesn’t like something you’re doing. I truly believe he knows lot of profanity and will use it. He loves to be in your lap and snuggles up to you in bed to sleep. He does have a problem with hiking his leg. He will go outside but wants to make sure his scent is on everything. He wears a belly band and is fine with it. If interested in adopting please go to and fill out an application to adopt. 




3 yrs.

6 lbs.



3  yrs.


Noel has had a rough start. She was hit by a car in a Walmart parking lot. She had surgery to repair everything. She has no complication from surgery or the break. She is very timid and scared of new people. She will not do well in a home with small children. She gets along with other dogs, loves to give kisses, is a lap dog and sleeps under the covers in bed. She goes outside to do her business, but also uses potty pads. If interested in adopting please go to and fill out an application to adopt.



5 yrs

7 lbs (overweight)

Tequila is a loner. He will lie on a dog bed all day long until he wants to be fed. Then, he keeps jumping on you till you feed him. He is not a lap dog. He sleeps in bed and will let you pet him. He will lick your hand but will not give any kisses. He would only work in a house with no children. If you’re looking for a lover he is not the one. If interested in adopting please go to and fill out an application to adopt.




Precious is such a sweet little lady. She does have a deformed foot most likely from birth. She loves to sit on your lap and sleep in bed with you. She is such an amazing lady. She is updated on shots and ready for adoption. Please go to to fill out an application. She is going to be a hard one for me to give up (I’m partial to the older ones).




6 lbs
Tiny was found as a stray. He is a total love bug. He wants to be in your lap all the time. Does not do well with larger dogs but is fine with other small dogs. I would not recommend with small kids. He loves to sleep with you. If interested please go to and fill out an application to adopt. 



8 lbs

5 1/2

Elijah is one of those little gem dogs, that would be a foster failure in a heartbeat, if his foster home wasn't in fear of becoming hoarders!! He is a very sweet little guy! Someone is gonna be awfully lucky to welcome him into their home forever!
Elijah is looking for a semi-quiet home with or without a few SMALL dogs, and no children because they make him anxious/nervous. He is between 5-6 years old, and weighs 8 lbs. Loves to cuddle and play with toys. Great potty ...habits and crate trained. He's use to having his human(s) around most of the time, so he will probably have some separation anxiety, if left alone for long periods of time. He can be a barker around strangers. If you're interested in adopting from "Chihuhahua Rescue Midwest", please head on over to, and submit an application.



4 lbs.


Candi is a 10.5 year old girl who is suffering from late stage heart disease due to her teeth never being cleaned and a poor diet. She was going to be put down by her family because they were “done with her” so we happily took in this sweet girl. She is very spunky despite her heart issues and is quite the lap dog. She does bark a lot and we are working on house breaking (she does go outside easily but has a few accidents if she doesn’t go out frequently). She will need to be on pulse antibiotics for the rest of her life due to the fact her mouth is so infected and she cannot be put under anesthesia for a dental or spay due to her heart condition. She would not do well with children and she is not fond of new people at all. She can nip at new people when they come in so I hold her, or put her in another room. She will calm down after a bit but she is very wary of new people. 
She may also require heart medications to help her heart and prolong her life although there is no “fix” for the heart disease. She is VERY loving to her family and will follow you all around the house and want to be on your lap. She is my daughter’s best buddy right now (she is 20 years old) and they love to sleep together and snuggle. She follows her around everywhere when she is home. If you love to rescue senior/special needs dogs, this is the girl for you!



Chi Mix

 Jerry is 16 week old puppy. We think he is a mix between a chihuahua and a dachshund. He is the smartest dog we have seen! He is pretty much housebroken already and is such a sweet loving dog. He loves everyone and would make the perfect pet for any household.  




10 LBS

Meet Rocky Balboa, the Chihuahua. This Rocky is definitely a lover and not a fighter. He is 9 years old, potty trained, up to date on shots and just needs a lap to lay on and a daily walk. Rocky is a bit out of shape and could use some cardio to get back into fighting shape. Other than that, Rocky will make the ideal pet for any home. Dog, cat and kid friendly! There has been no sign of that "attitude" Chihuahuas are known for because Rocky loves everyone!!!



4 lbs

8 yrs 

This little nugget is Brody. He comes to us from a home where a little two year made it unsafe for him to continuing living with his family. Brody is 4 pound of cuteness! He is 8 years old and potty trained. Immediately upon arriving into foster, he started his thing....that thing of being too cute for words. Best of all, Brody does not have Chihuahua attitude. If you are willing to hold him all day, he will accomodate. He prefers to sleep with his human but is crate trained. Overall, a perfect dog for someone who is home most of the time and without small children. He does well with all other animals. Can you make room for this nugget in your home?