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Chihuahua Rescue Midwest has listed the animals below as a courtesy to a third party. Chihuahua Rescue Midwest has not met or evaluated this/these animals and cannot and will not make any representations or warranties about the animal or placement of the animal. The posting of this animal should not be construed as a dog with Chihuahua Rescue Midwest.
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We do adopt dogs to homes outside of the local area under some circumstances, but we prefer to have our dogs adopted locally. 
 One of our responsibilities as a rescue group is to be there for adoptive family, to help them with any problems or questions that might come up. We also require the adoptive family to sign a contract agreeing to return the dog back to the rescue, at any time, for any reason, if they are unable to keep the dog. That can be difficult to accomplish when the dog is living outside of the local area. 
 We also require a home visit to be completed before we can place a dog. Distance is a factor in whether or not the required home visit can be completed because we are a 100% volunteer run organization. 
 We do have volunteer contacts in many areas but some areas may be more difficult for us to locate a volunteer to conduct the home visit. Furthermore, we do NOT ship our rescues, all adoptive families would need to travel to the St. Louis, MO area to meet their adoptive dog.

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This is Oreo and she was found walking the highway alone. She is about 10 lbs. and an older girl. But, she is a low maintenance companion. Can you offer this senior girl a quiet home where she can fill loved. 



10 lbs.



8 yrs

Oliver is slow to warm up. Once he is comfortable with you he will become a lap dog. He seems to be housebroken. NO CHILDREN PLEASE. 



Barnaby is a young male needing a forever home. He is potty trained and loves everyone!!!!

​Piper is a 12 yr old girl needing a loving quiet home to live out her final years. She is very sweet and tends to bond to one person. However, she likes everyone but prefers ‘her person’. Piper is potty trained, crate trained and up to date on shots. And her teeth look great, too!



Moses has been all the way to Alaska watching Killer whales jumping out of the water! He’s been to Seattle, Chicago, and many other places! He’s been on plane rides, boat rides, and has even rode on a motorcycle. He may be old in age but he does NOT act like it AT ALL. He LOVES to play with toys (specifically stuffed animals... tug and fetch) he LOVES to run if he has open space to do so! He gets a long with all people, all creatures, and all ages! He’s never bitten anyone EVER (even while being tortured by my toddler). He loves “Treat treats”. He can sit, Come, lay down, roll over, sit up, high five (put your hand by his paw and say “high five”)... have him lay down and point your finger at him and say “BANG!” And he’ll roll onto his back with feet in the air for a a few seconds. we don’t do tricks often so he always needs a refresher course as he tends to get excited for a treat and tries to do them all at once 😂 he’s always slept in bed with us. He’s like a little Labrador and loves to be outside and loves going to the lake. He loves walks and does fantastic on a leash. He’s a great communicator and will let you know if he’s out of food, water, needs to go potty, or simply wants a taste of what you’re eating. His birthday is April 14,2008. He does get spooked by little snap sounds (clap your hands once, fireworks, crinkling plastic bottles). He loves to go “BYE BYE in the car”. He is such a lover! Because of the poodle mix in him, he’s never bothered our allergies and usually doesn’t stink unless he finds something stinky to roll in (which he’s known to do, LOL). Moses is up to date on vaccinations and will have his teeth cleaned at the end of August. Moses is 11 years young and has the energy of a young dog but also loves to lay in your lap. He snuggles so well and also loves children. He has to find a new home because of a divorce situation and the family was devastated. He doesn't bark much and is such a love bug. Moses is a shi-poo.  




10 lbs
Owner surrender just came into rescue. 
Very sweet warms up quickly