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Dogs available for adoption:

Chihuahua Rescue Midwest has listed the animals above as a courtesy to a third party. Chihuahua Rescue Midwest has not met or evaluated this/these animals and cannot and will not make any representations or warranties about the animal or placement of the animal. The posting of this animal should not be construed as a dog with Chihuahua Rescue Midwest.
Everyone meet TJ. He just came into rescue as a stray. He is 3 years old and 6 lbs. of pure blooded Chihuahua. TJ would NOT do well in a house with small kids or men. He is very afraid of men. He is great with the other dogs and cats. Please help him find a forever home. 




3 yrs.

6 lbs.



3  yrs.


LIttle Miss Noel is up for adoption. She is 2 years old and a love bug. Noel wants to be close and loves to sleep in bed with you. She is doing pretty good on the house breaking. 



5 yrs

7 lbs (overweight)

Meet Tequila. He was picked up by Animal Control as a stray. He was very unhappy in Animal Control. He seems to be settling in here with the other dogs. He stays to himself. Still nervous around people. He needs to loose a little weight but appears to be in good health.




8 yrs

8 lbs. 
This is Ricky. He is 8 yrs old. Good with other dogs semi potty trained. He seems happy. Seems scared to be touched right now. Previous environments were not good ones. 





​** CALLIE WILL NOT BE READY FOR ADOPTION UNTIL AFTER THE NEW YEAR. Callie is a 5 year old female who was found as a stray so we don’t know much about her background except that she was probably dumped by a breeder. She is working on her socialization skills and housebreaking. She doesn’t move much and prefers to lay on her dog bed. She doesn’t even follow me around the house like my other Chi’s. She will sleep in bed with you or on your lap, but won’t come up on her own. I also have to pick her up to take her outside and then to come back inside again (tough on rainy days!). She was VERY scared for the first 3 days and would snarl and bite. She needs time to trust, and then she is fine being picked up. She is not crazy about other animals but tolerates them. Callie will be spayed on Dec 22nd so I want her completely healed before she goes into her new home as the transition is very tough for her. She LOVES to be pet and is quite demanding about it once on your lap or in bed with you. Callie would not do well with children or a noisy household. She has just had a dental (only has 9 out of 42 teeth left) and all of her vaccinations.