Volunteer Application 

As an all volunteer organization, we are always looking for individuals interested in assisting our cause through foster, transport and adoption. If you feel that you have the time to commit to Chihuahua Rescue Midwest please complete the volunteer application below.  Someone will contact you as soon as possible  to review you application 

Foster animals in your home
Assist with home checks for prospective adopters
Transport animals
Place fosters in approved homes








Do you currently care for/own pets in your home? :

Please list list name and breed: 

Are all your animals spayed/neutered?

Are there dogs no longer in your household?:

What happened to them?:

Please provide name and telephone number of your Vet:
(please notify Vet we will be calling)

How many children in your household?:

Age of children:

Do you own or rent?

If you rent please provide landlords name and phone number:

Do you have a fenced yard?:

What type of fence and height?:

How many hours if any will the dog(s) be unattended?:

Where will the dog(s) be kept while you are away?:

Do you have enough crates to house the dog(s)?

What will you do with the dog(s) while on vacation?

Will you transport the dog(S) to the Vet and  obedience class if needed?:

Will dogs be on a lead when in open spaces?:

Please provide the name and telephone number of two references:

How many dogs are your willing to foster at a time:

Have you ever fostered before?:

What origination, contact person, phone number:

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